The Top Attractions in Mauna Kea Resort For Locals or Tourists

The Top Attractions in Mauna Kea Resort For Locals or Tourists

On the majestic Big Island of Hawaii, Waimea welcomes you with open arms and a warm, mellow vibe that feels like a gentle hug from Mother Nature herself. This quaint small town is filled with the spirit of Aloha, and the landscapes are as inviting as the smiles of its residents.

Waimea, HI, real estate encompasses lush greenery and serene living, where most locals have a knack for raising animals, bringing a rustic charm to this Hawaiian paradise. The town thrives on its frequent farmers' markets. Here, life moves at a leisurely pace. There are no large malls, just the beauty of nature and the joy of community. It is an ideal retreat for those looking to immerse themselves in the authentic Hawaiian lifestyle.

Along the pristine shores of the Kohala Coast, the Mauna Kea Resort invites locals and tourists to discover a world of unparalleled experiences. Here, the spirit of Aloha thrives amidst white-sand beaches, exclusive amenities, and cultural richness. Let's dive into the heart of Mauna Kea Resort, where every moment is a celebration of Hawaiian paradise.

Beach club bliss

The Mauna Kea Resort Beach Club offers direct access to one of the Kohala Coast's rare white-sand beaches. This privileged spot boasts stunning oceanfront views and extends its luxury to guests with access to The Westin Hapuna Beach Resort. It is on Hapuna, the island's largest beach known for its vast, pristine sands.

The Beach Club enhances your beach day with cabana rentals, ensuring comfort and privacy under the Hawaiian sun. For those seeking more activity, beach toys are readily available for a family fun-filled day by the sea. Moreover, the clear waters off the beach present an excellent opportunity for snorkeling, inviting guests to explore the vibrant marine life that thrives beneath the waves.

Manta ray moonlight snorkel tours

Kauna'oa Bay is the natural habitat of the majestic manta rays. These gentle giants of the sea are the stars of the Manta Ray Moonlight Snorkel Tours, offering a once-in-a-lifetime private tour experience. Under the moonlit sky, guests have the unique opportunity to swim alongside these magnificent creatures, creating unforgettable memories in the serene waters of the bay.

Outrigger canoe adventure

Take an Outrigger Canoe Adventure to learn the art of paddling and immerse yourself in the area's rich cultural and natural history. This adventure is a comprehensive experience where guests enjoy interesting stories about the local area and fascinating facts about the marine life that calls these waters home. Whether you're looking for a group excursion or a more intimate exploration with a private tour, this adventure promises a deep connection with the Hawaiian sea and spirit, guided by expert paddlers who are as knowledgeable as they are passionate.

Cultural Activities

The Mauna Kea Resort offers guests an intimate look into the rich heritage and traditions of the Hawaiian people, with the Hahalualele as a centerpiece of this educational journey. The Hahalualele is a replica of an ancient Hawaiian double-hull sailing canoe.

Participants are taken on a voyage through time, where the history and culture of the Hawaiian people are shared with passion and reverence. Through stories and demonstrations, guests gain insights into the way of life, navigational techniques, and the spiritual significance of the ocean to Hawaii's indigenous cultures. This journey is not just about observing; it's about connecting with the past in a way that is both educational and deeply moving, offering a unique perspective on the island's history that complements the natural beauty and leisure activities Mauna Kea Resort is known for.

Tee off and serve up: Golf and tennis at Mauna Kea Resort

The Mauna Kea Golf Course is an award-winning, 18-hole championship course renowned for its breathtaking layout. Lush fairways roll across seaside cliffs, offering players challenging plays and unparalleled panoramic ocean views. The course is famous for its epic over-the-ocean third hole, providing golfers an unforgettable experience as they tee off with the Pacific Ocean as their backdrop.

The Seaside Tennis Club is an exceptional venue for tennis and pickleball players. With oceanfront courts that include nine tennis and eight pickleball courts, the club ranks among the Top 10 tennis resorts in the world. It offers all the amenities and services expected from the best private luxury tennis clubs, ensuring a premium experience for every participant.

Daily clinics, round-robin tournaments, and private and group lessons cater to players of all skill levels. The club's pro shop supports equipment purchase and rental, allowing guests to easily engage in play without needing to bring their own gear.

Keiki adventures: Fun-filled days for young explorers

Mauna Kea Resort offers engaging activities tailored specifically for its younger guests through the Mauna Kea Keiki Club Adventures. This daily program is designed to immerse children in Hawaii's rich cultural and natural beauty, fostering a deep connection with the island that lasts a lifetime.

It's a tradition at Mauna Kea for keiki (children) who once played in the sands of Kauna'oa Bay and Hāpuna Beach to return, years later, with their children and grandchildren, continuing a cycle of joyful discovery and respect for the land. Through engaging hands-on experiences, children gain an appreciation for the environment and culture of the island, making their stay at Mauna Kea Resort an enriching part of their growth and development.

Flavorful escapades: Dining at Mauna Kea Resort

Mauna Kea Resort boasts an exquisite selection of dining options catering to every palate, ensuring every meal is an experience to remember. At the Hau Tree, guests can indulge in the iconic Ovaltine Froth or enjoy a refreshing Fredrico cocktail, all while soaking up the sun beachside, marking the beginning of a perfect vacation.

The Copper Bar offers a diverse menu of entrees, tapas, and handcrafted cocktails, complemented by live music and hula performances that add to the vibrant atmosphere. For those on the go, Piko Coffee and Bar serves hot morning coffees alongside a selection of grab-and-go snacks, perfect for a quick start to your day.

Fine dining

Manta Restaurant elevates the dining experience with its breakfast and dinner offerings. In the morning, guests are greeted with made-to-order waffles, omelets, and fresh juices, preparing them for the day. Come evening, the restaurant transforms into a Pacific Rim culinary adventure, complete with an island and an ocean-to-table menu that is as fresh as it is delicious. The spectacular ocean views provide a backdrop that complements every meal, especially as the sun sets, adding a magical hue to the dining experience.

Meridia offers a Mediterranean-inspired menu that takes full advantage of its oceanside setting. Ingredients are sourced directly from the Big Island and Meridia's own garden, ensuring every dish is imbued with local flavors and freshness. The combination of exquisite cuisine and the serene ocean view makes dining at Meridia an unforgettable experience.

Authentic Hawaiian lūʻau

An authentic Hawaiian lūʻau at Mauna Kea Resort is an immersive experience that combines traditional Hawaiian cuisine with cultural performances. Tables are laden with abundant local delicacies, including fragrant kālua pig, island fish, lomi salmon, sashimi, and tropical fruits like pineapple and papaya. The joy of finger-licking poi introduces guests to the traditional Hawaiian staple, adding to the authenticity of the feast.

As the evening progresses, guests are entertained with the dancing hula to the "Hukilau," encapsulating the spirit of Hawaii in every step. The night reaches a thrilling climax with a fire dance, a mesmerizing display of skill and tradition that leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of all who witness it. This celebration of Hawaiian culture offers a profound connection to the island's heritage, making it a must-experience event at the resort.

Paradise found

From the shores of Mauna Kea Resort to the peaks of the rolling hills in Waimea, every moment here is a testament to the joy of island living. Working with Carrie Nicholson offers an advantage for those looking to make this paradise their home. With 20 years of experience as one of the top-producing agents in Hawaii, Carrie embodies the values of honesty, integrity, and trust, ensuring you find your perfect island retreat.


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