The Coffee Grounds: 85.51-acre Coffee Farm in Holualoa

The Coffee Grounds: 85.51-acre Coffee Farm in Holualoa

The Coffee Grounds is an 85.51-acre coffee farm located in Holualoa, in the center of the renowned Kona coffee-producing area.

Explore the The Coffee Grounds with this immersive virtual tour of  the coffee farm:

This estate is not just a piece of land but a promising opportunity for both cultivation and investment, thanks to its zoning for agricultural use (A1-A and A5-A). The farm features 50.97 acres dedicated to coffee cultivation, hosting approximately 48,300 trees of prized varieties like Caturra, Victoria, and Geisha.

The estate is fully equipped with the necessary infrastructure, including a warehouse, drying decks, and residential spaces.

Positioned in a key location for coffee production, The Coffee Grounds is a testament to the rich tradition and ongoing commitment to sustainability that defines Kona coffee, all set against the backdrop of Hawai‘i Island, one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The location of The Coffee Grounds in Holualoa is not just a backdrop; it is the essence of its value and appeal. Situated within the world-renowned Kona coffee belt, this estate benefits from a unique microclimate that is ideal for coffee cultivation, offering rich volcanic soil, perfect elevation, and a balance of sunlight and rain.

This prestigious location not only ensures the production of high-quality coffee but also offers breathtaking ocean views and a sense of connection to Hawaii’s rich agricultural heritage.

From seed to cup, over 48,300 coffee trees planted across nearly 51 acres, including premium varieties like Geisha and Caturra, the estate is a beacon of agricultural excellence. The infrastructure is comprehensive, encompassing a fully operational warehouse, drying decks for coffee processing, and residential spaces.

This sale includes TMK’s:
3-7-5-14-2 Vacant Land (34.1 acres)
3-7-5-14-3 Vacant Land (49.12 acres)
3-7-5-14-10 Vacant Land (32,670 SF)
3-7-5-14-26 Vacant Land (1.54 acres)

For more photos and details, please visit MLS 708422.


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