Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Kohanaiki

Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Kohanaiki

Hawaii is synonymous with natural beauty and unforgettable vacation memories. Only a few are fortunate enough to call these islands home. On the western edge of the Big Island is Kohanaiki Beach Park, just north of the community of Kailua-Kona, where some of the island’s best luxury real estate is located. There is a private golf club community bearing the same name, with luxury developments in and around the area. If relocating to Kohanaiki is in your future, here’s what you need to know first.

Perks of moving to Kohanaiki

This area is unlike any other, located within a state that is unlike any other. The entire region is designed to cater to luxury living, golfing, relaxing by the beach, and enjoying life. However, you will still find all of the infrastructure, roads, schools, stores, and more that you need for the practical necessities of daily life. Hawaii is not just a vacation paradise; it is a place many Americans call home.

In much of the continental United States, you will find luxury real estate within a stone’s throw of boarded homes, potholed roads, and old industrial factories. Because of issues related to zoning, urban decay, and other factors, it can be hard to find good real estate in a consistently nice area.

That’s where Hawaii offers something unique. The local scenery isn’t just what has happened to spring up over time. Rather, the island is replete with luxury developments, gorgeous golf clubs, shining beaches, and of course high-end shopping and dining. While no location is perfect, the Big Island truly offers luxury real estate in a luxury area. It is quite literally an island of luxury.

If you gravitate toward nature, you will find the Big Island to be a landscape like no other. Local volcanos like Mauna Kea make for amazing views, lush landscapes, and unique terrain. Lovers of the outdoors will always have options for hiking and sight-seeing on land, as well as diving, snorkeling, and swimming in the immaculate ocean.

Things to do in and around Kohanaiki

Kohanaiki Beach Park is an immaculate Hawaiian beach. Let’s face it; there are no second-rate beaches in Hawaii. However, Kohanaiki is right on the Big Island, where you will find the most diverse offering of local amenities in the state, as well as easy access to any of the neighboring islands.

Kohanaiki Beach Park offers great opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, and fishing. There is also camping onsite, with amenities including restrooms, showers, and day and night security. If you love the outdoors, just seeing a map of Kohanaiki Beach Park will get you in the spirit. When you’re not combing the beach or picnicking in the shade of the local trees, you can explore the magic of the anchialine ponds. These large pools with an underground connection to the ocean provide you with a beautiful window into the local aquatic ecosystem, neatly contained into an inland pond.

Cost of living in Kohanaiki

Your cost of living in Kohanaiki will be somewhat elevated relative to the continental U.S. If you’re already looking into luxury properties in the area, then you’re probably prepared for the cost of living. Most sources agree you can live comfortably in Hawaii for under six figures, but Hawaiian living is generally more expensive than life in the continental U.S. Because of the relatively remote location of the Hawaiian islands, it is somewhat unavoidable that certain items have to be imported, and so things cost more. Nevertheless, you also have the opportunity to enjoy locally caught seafood, locally grown fruits, and other unique local goods that you will find nowhere else in the country.

What — and where  — locals eat

Designed to cater to the luxury lifestyle, the community surrounding Kohanaiki has excellent restaurants, local food markets, and opportunities to enjoy the freshest and best of what Hawaii has to offer. You can find cuisine from all over the world, much of which is prepared with locally sourced ingredients. Since imported goods come at a premium, numerous eateries on the island have innovated by incorporating local goods into their offerings, and some even keep gardens.

Coffee aficionados should definitely try the local kona coffee, which is cultivated nearby on the Big Island. The island’s famously rich and nutritious volcanic soil is excellent for growing a variety of crops, producing unique goods that are unlike those found anywhere else in the world. Enjoy the best in tropical fruits as well as traditional meat, fish, and seafood dishes at a wide variety of spots.

Transportation in Kohanaiki

The local traffic matches the laid-back and friendly attitude for which the islands are famous, and transportation options are flexible. For a quick primer on transportation on the Big Island, check the Hawaiian Tourism Authority for information on local buses, airlines, ferries, and more. You can drive your own car if that’s your preference, or you can easily navigate with public and private transportation options. Keep in mind that car rentals are in high demand in the area, so always plan way ahead if a rental car is part of your transportation plans.

The Big Island itself offers a lifetime of adventure and exploration, but you can easily hop on a ferry or a plane to check out the other islands of Hawaii. Airplanes are a particularly popular option for inter-island travel and trips back and forth to the continental U.S.

Finding a Kohanaiki realtor

Moving to Kohanaiki is only a dream for many Americans, but it is a dream that could come true more easily than you may suspect. Carrie Nicholson is a local realtor with properties in some of Hawaii’s best areas, including Kohanaiki. She can introduce you to great properties, show you around, and answer any questions about moving to Kohanaiki and getting acquainted with the island lifestyle. Learn about everything from luxury homes to freediving on Carrie’s blog while you shop for properties. Reach out to Carrie Nicholson when you’re ready to start exploring Kohanaiki.

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